"I wanted to send my excitement for finding these Histologics SoftBiopsy products. It has revolutionized my colposcopy procedure and I could not be happier! I can now do colposcopic biopsies in such an efficient manner that causes no pain to the patient and does not result in significant bleeding. The patients cannot believe how smooth the procedure goes, and to be honest, neither can I! The lab has not had any problems reading the biopsy specimens, and I feel utmost confidence in the results. I have been thankful for the confidence that I have in collecting the specimens, especially when high-grade lesions are diagnosed. I cannot thank you enough for your product! I predict that in a few years, this way of colposcopic biopsy will be what liquid-based pap smears are now for cervical screening.

If you are ever looking for a physician in the San Francisco Bay Area to market your products, please know that I would be interested!  

I am completely sold on your product and firmly believe that it is the future of colposcopic medicine."

~ T.B., Bilhartz Women's Health Center 

"I am writing to express my appreciation of the minimally invasive biopsy devices your company provides. I have been a fan of the Spirabrush since it first came out, preferring it over the traditional punch biopsy for most patient scenarios as it is much gentler and atraumatic. Patients are visibly relieved when they see the brush device, instead of a frightening biopsy tool. It also lessens the time to perform the exam because 5 minutes aren’t wasted trying to control bleeding. 

Most importantly, it provides abundant tissue of the entire TZone, which improves accuracy of diagnosis. The recent breakthrough with the Soft biopsy fabric devices add even more options to tailor sampling for specific cervical morphology and SCJ location. The soft ECC is a superior endocervical sampler, with the smaller size very helpful in sampling nullips. I recently picked up an invasive cancer in a young woman with the soft ECC tool. 

I love all the options we now have to make colposcopy a gentler, less traumatic exam while providing optimal tissue for accurate diagnosis!"

~ Robin Black, OGNP, FASCCP

"I have been a long time Spirabrush CX user and like it most for the versatility of reaching lesions off the central cervix at the periphery.  I like the SoftBiopsy for lesions at the center of the cervix near the os, at or inside the transformation zone.  I love the Soft-ECC and occasionally still use the Kevorkian currette for stenotic cervices, but am willing to try the Soft-ECC-S for those cases".

James H. Schultz, MD, MBA, FAAFP, DiMM

Chief Medical Officer

Neighborhood Healthcare

 "I’m really pleased with the instruments you developed and am using them exclusively.  Nice samples, not much discomfort, not too deep, and nothing to sterilize!"

Myron R. Kanofsky M.D, Orange ,CA

ObGyn Colposcopist

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