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Soft-ECC-S® - Endocervical Curette
Soft-ECC 700
Soft-ECC-S® is a tapered, nylon hooked fabric tipped acrylic biopsy tissue collection, storage and transfer device system.  It is intended to be gently inserted into any size endocervical canal, contains a corresponding smaller pad size,  but should be optimally used in cases where the cervical os is small, stenotic, or shallow, and used to obtain an endocervical biopsy / curettage when indicated.  The fabric tip is completely inserted into the canal and not into the uterine cavity, pressed against the endocervical canal, and then rotated 3 complete revolutions clockwise, then 3 complete revolutions counterclockwise, and removed.  The tip is then snapped apart from the handle at the fracture line, containing the trapped tissue specimen and placed in a pathological fixative vial.  The vial with the sample is processed at the Pathology lab in similar fashion to the conventional endocervical curettage specimen, with the exception that the fabric container must be completely emptied using the standard operating procedure for the technician in the lab (posted on this website).