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SoftBiopsy® - Gynecological Biopsy Device
SoftBiopsy 700
The FDA Compliant disposable SoftBiopsy® tissue collection, storage, and transport device system can be used to biopsy the exocervix and lower genital tract during colposcopy or when a suspicious lesion is detected. Unlike the “sharp edge” biopsy design of stainless steel gynecological biopsy devices, the SoftBiopsy® design is intended to gently and in a non-incisional manner, frictionally abrade, collect, and store into the patented Kylon® fabric (for transport to the lab) abundant trans-epithelial tissue samples. The tip of the device containing the sample can be snapped free from the handle, placed in the fixative vial, and transported to the lab. In the lab, the tissue can be easily and efficiently removed from the fabric-trap container for processing (Standard Operating Procedure to empty the fabric container is posted on this website). The removed tissue is identical to the conventional lower genital tract biopsy or curettage tissue sample. The document library will orient and educate you to the product features and capability, as well as its intended use.