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SpiraBrush CX®

Histologics is excited to offer the Spirabrush CX®. However, SpiraBrush CX® users should also be aware that Histologics markets the FDA-compliant and patented Kylon® fabric-based brush technology for exocervical tissue biopsy sampling.  This device also has the FDA registered benefit of trapping and retaining the tissue removed, resulting in a research proven consistent, abundant, reliable, and diagnostic sample.

The SoftBiopsy® device provides a minimally invasive approach with greater value (reprints of fabric based colposcopy research evidence is available upon request). The list price of SoftBiopsy® is lower than Spirabrush. Pathology labs that have processed both Spirabrush and Soft-Biopsy® samples report to Histologics that the fabric-based specimens are of higher diagnostic yield.

Many labs nation-wide have received fabric based biopsy specimens, and some buy in volume and provide superior pricing to their colposcopist clients. Thus, the colposcopist could reach out to their lab, and if fabric-based biopsy is not yet available, encourage the lab to contact Histologics to purchase in volume and pass along savings based on their purchase advantages over smaller or group clinical practices.  

Furthermore, many Spirabrush users have requested a minimally invasive brush for endocervical curettage (ECC).  The fabric-based Soft-ECC® is similarly priced, comes in two sizes (regular and small), and is the only minimally invasive simultaneous biopsy device combined with a tissue trap system available for this use.  The 2014 ASCCP Meeting Award winning research on fabric ECC showed a simple single insertion/ rotation/withdrawal method with simultaneous tissue trapping, increases the diagnostic specimen yield that returns to the laboratory, nearly eliminating insufficient samples, while remaining a very gentle approach to ECC that patients appreciate.

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Neal M. Lonky, MD, MPH
Inventor and Founder; Histologics LLC
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