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Soft-ECC® - Endocervical Curette

Soft-ECC 700

The FDA Compliant disposable Soft-ECC® fabric based tissue collection, storage, and transport device system (both an endocervical curette and an innovative tissue-trap fabric container) can be used to biopsy the endocervical canal during colposcopy or the evaluation of abnormal vaginal/uterine bleeding. Unlike the conventional sharp endocervical curette, the Soft-ECC® is intended to gently frictionally abrade, collect, and store (for transport to the lab) abundant trans-epithelial tissue samples into the patented Kylon® fabric. The fabric-tip device containing the sample can be placed in the fixative vial and transported to the lab. In the lab, the tissue can be easily and efficiently removed from the curette fabric tissue trap container for processing. This process is identical to the conventional process. The document library will orient and educate you to the product features and capability, as well as its intended use.

Dr. Han Introduction to Soft-ECC®

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